• Stanley in Germany 2014

    Written by Frithjof Strauß on

    Stanley Samuelsen, Konzert am 5.5. 2014, Festival Nordischer Klang in Greifswald. Das erste, was einem bei Stanley Samuelsen auffällt, ist seine Austrahlung von Ruhe und Gelassenheit. Unaufgeregt kommt er auf die Bühne, stimmt seine Gitarre und be...

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  • Stanley Samuelsen, New CD 2008 – The Armchair Critic

    Written by Scott, The Armchair Critic on

    Stanley Samuelsen is a singer and guitarist from the Faroe Islands. As my prior knowledge of Faroese music consists of a pair of heavy metal records, I was curious to hear more music from that remote corner of the globe. So when a Danish record label asked Th...

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  • Stanley's guitar playing sounded as a full orchestra, plus Chet Atkins, mind You! – BIRKBLOG

    Written by Birgir Kruse, FO on

    Stanley Samuelsen visited 'The House of Songs' in Austin Texas in 2010 supported by DJBFA. Danish-Jazz-Beat-Folk-Authors. Later the same year Stanley invited a musician from Texas to come to Denmark and the Faroe Islands to play som concerts together....

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