Stanley's guitar playing sounded as a full orchestra, plus Chet Atkins, mind You! – BIRKBLOG

Stanley Samuelsen visited 'The House of Songs' in Austin Texas in 2010 supported by DJBFA. Danish-Jazz-Beat-Folk-Authors. Later the same year Stanley invited a musician from Texas to come to Denmark and the Faroe Islands to play som concerts together. Here is a review from the concert in Tórshavn Faroe Islands.

An American in the Faroe Islands by Birgir Kruse BLOGGER

In mid August I received an email from someone from the village Vági on Suderoy, about an American that should have a concert in their village. I checked the link that came with the email and then replied: This man is too good to Vági !

Now I've heard him live with Stanley Samuelsen. They played at the Irish Pub in Tórshavn, and when I say together, I mean really together. Their playing together was so flawless and melodious that one would think they were childhood friends.

For full houses they rolled out with songs by Dickie Lee Erwin and a few classics in between. Regardless of what song it was, Stanley's guitar playing sounded as a full orchestra, plus Chet Atkins, mind You!

It was a pleasure listening to excellent arranged riffs, fills and interludes. There was fingerpicking bluegrass as if we were at The Station Inn in Nashville. A classic of Lefty Frizzell, one of the Carter Family songs from the 20s and then again an Americana style song by Dickie Lee Erwin from Austin Texas.

An entire songbook of the Americana wave. All songs with chorus and also some ‘singalong’ songs. There was a song about a man who wanted a new large TV; ‘Big Screen Color TV’. The song was a spontaneous singalong song. Wonderful! Then a song about peasant life in Texas and the longing for California.

A bit of Robbie Fulk and Robert Earl Keane, one sensed in Dickie Lee's songs and it is not surprising since it is Americana. It was great to hear so many good songs that I did not know before.

And then there's Stanley. A whole one-man orchestra! Was the American unexpectedly good! Then I was totally flabbergasted by Stanley. – “He owns the show" said my neighbour about Stanley. Yes, I agree. Stanley was enthroned up in new clothes, or at least different from what I've heard him before. A true musician. From Silly Boys (Stanleys 60’s group) in Fuglafjord… to Janus Djurhuus (Stanleys solo performance) and Trio Acoustica (Stanleys guitar and vocal trio), and now - Americana with Dickie Lee Erwin.

So I want to tell the people of Vági to look forward to this show with Stanley and the American, who lives as far as one can from the sea and now has been taken on board the ship Smyril and is sailing southward. Good gig for all of you!